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Well, we’ve come to the final lesson in the Build a Better Email List Crash Course. I hope you’ve enjoyed your lessons and learned a lot about how to build a better, more engaged list of subscribers.

In this final lesson we’re going to talk about how to keep your readers active, engaged and eager for more.

It’s one thing to get people to subscribe to your list, but it’s another to keep them interested in what you have to say. This all comes back to listening to what your audience needs and providing value. When you can do that you will have no problem getting them to open up your emails, read your content and check out the products you offer.

One of the biggest mistakes I see many email marketers make is that they eagerly build their list, and then immediately start sending promotion after promotion hoping something will stick, without offering any content of value in return. They don’t take the time to think about what their audience needs, because they are more focused on making the sale.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being focused on generating revenue. After all, we all go into business to make money, but there has to be a balance. A give and take relationship that benefits both you and your subscriber. Finding that balance can take a little time and testing.
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