Treating Depression With Couples Therapy in Naperville Increases Marital Satisfaction

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Do you have problems with your partner? These are only 10 techniques or guidelines used in a couple therapy to save a marriage. Before breaking your marriage, try to seek specialized help.

1) Be honest. Being honest and open throughout the session with the advisor will help keep things on track and encourage each party to open up. Being honest will help you set a clear tone for therapy.

This, like everything else in life, will only work if you are sincere. If we make a theater and hide our true opinions and feelings it will not work. We have to open our hearts to both the therapist and our partner.

2) Commit to change. Making a commitment to change a behavior or perspective is difficult, but you can take the necessary steps to share your goal with your counselor and even sign a “contract” to remain in therapy despite future discrepancies in the development of the therapy.

3) Be specific. Being specific about the problems that are creating tension in the relationship is the first step to address them from their roots.

4) Set quantifiable objectives. The marriage counselor can help you set concrete and achievable goals so you can develop new skills along the way, and you can set higher goals as you progress through the level.

5) Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is an important part of couples therapy and learning to forgive can save your relationship.

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6) Recognize patterns in your family history. Many couples do not realize that they are simply mimicking the behavior of parents or other family members in their current relationship. The marriage counselor can help identify these behaviour patterns to develop a healthier response to your current situation.

7) Look for ways to resolve, not relive, the conflict. Many people get stuck in the trap of reliving a negative situation. The marriage counselor will teach you how to solve a situation and move on.

8) Know your personality. The evaluation of your personality is a part of the marriage therapist process and will help you determine the specific attributes of your personality that can be aggravating for the conflict you are experiencing.

9) Do your homework! Couple therapy is carried out both in an office and at home. By this it means that not only do you have to make an effort in the therapist's office but you also have to make an effort in the family home.

10) Be respectful. Showing respect for your partner and the marriage counselor is an important element of couples therapy. Take the time to listen and avoid reaching hasty conclusions. The patience and commitment to respect the other party will help you in the long term.

At Ascend Therapy Naperville our therapists specialize in marriage counseling and family counseling, teen and young adult issues and treating anxiety, depression, stress and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Our therapists have worked with hundreds of people serving a wide array of mental health challenges and life stressors using a variety of treatment options such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).