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Smells like your typical male cologne from any variety of designers. The reviewer beneath me doesn't must feel attacked that folks do/do not like a fragrance - to every their very own. I pretty much get just a bergamot-lavender soapiness. Everyone has their own nostril, but this didnt do much for me personally. Asked my wife for her opinion, and he or she said "meh, smells like soap", for what its worth, and I agree.
This is one of those fragrances that doesn't come across as too sturdy, but, is very lengthy lasting. This is a uncommon mixture and I'm noticing this awesomeness with Dior fragrances. My boyfriend and I went fragrance sniffing and out of the lineup this was one I may distinctly pick out practically each time.
After a LOT of hunting, I assume Sauvage might be my new signature perfume. I can't consider this house has produced something like Sauvage. This is a candy and extremely artificial scent. The enormous quantity of ambroxan makes me headache. Normally this manufacturer units the very best high quality requirements.
Whether you possibly can tolerate wearing it or not, the sillage is attractive - even to me. But that doesn't change the fact that it smells like aldehydes having sex.
Man, how I wish I could wear this stuff, however I simply can't. Thanks to Sauvage, I'll never forget what ambroxan smells like up shut - dizziness. Honestly I tend to be drawn in the direction of statement-making fragrances, but something like Spicebomb or anything by Mugler burns me out pretty quickly. Sure, ladies may find vanilla gourmands sexy, however eight hours of smelling like an ice-cream cone was sufficient for some time. Same with Terre Hermes - it's an excellent perfume, however that cedar base left me feeling like I was trapped in a sawmill after about 4 hours.
A lot of the opposite scents have been all citrus bursts or practically sweeter than the Pour Femme varieties. We both gravitated in the direction of this one. It's the scent that i placed on and get whiffs from my shirt's collars all day. I assume the projection isn't that good because i've never get seen.