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The tolerable intake of 0. It is subsequently possible that these neurological effects are as a result of acute effect of the gavage administration. CNS effects in humans and animals have been related to acute publicity to resorcinol.

From its use in topical medication and from restricted data from occupational studies, resorcinol does not appear to be irritating to the skin in the concentrations reported. Van Leeuwen et al. There is not any indication as as to if the teratogenic effects had been endocrine mediated or not EC, c. In humans, dermal exposure to resorcinol has been reported to be associated with thyroid effects, CNS disturbances, red blood cell modifications, and a low incidence of pores and skin sensitization. Five of three.

Determination of resorcinol conjugates in the h urine samples after 14 days of continuous product remedy showed that a maximal 23 mg 2. Assuming a physique weight of 64 kg IPCS, offers an exposure estimate of 0. In a report based on shopper analysis data Gans, , beneath reasonable maximum-use situations i.
Other pores and skin effects have been hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, and sebaceous gland hyperplasia, whereas there have been no systemic treatment-related lesions. With resorcinol, a number of initiation—promotion research with hamsters Maruyama et al. Female Syrian golden hamsters 10—20 per group were treated with two subcutaneous injections of. In a research carried out by Hasegawa et al.

Furthermore, continual research with fish and Daphnia had been carried out. For the toxicity to aquatic plants, no guideline examine is available. However, considering the available research for toxicity to aquatic crops, the NOEC for algae can be assumed to be larger than that for Daphnia magna. Exposure to resorcinol by means of peeling brokers presents an acute exposure situation the place the particular person is exposed to a high focus 7. Acute effects have been described underneath these circumstances.

Fifty per cent of survivors have been sacrificed 1 week later, and blood and urine samples have been taken. Resorcinol confirmed a focus-dependent enhance in labelling index [ 3 H]thymidine , acanthosis, and papillomatosis. After utility of an ointment containing To examine the goitrogenic activity of resorcinol, feminine Wistar rats were handled twice daily for 28 days by rubbing 6 g of an ointment containing Increased thyroid gland weights 2.
In in vitro human skin studies, resorcinol was evaluated from a consultant hair dye formulation that contained 0. However, it must be considered that acned skin could also be damaged due either to scratching or to the blemishes themselves.