Kim Kardashian and Fat Shaming Stars

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Fat Shaming Stars should Stop - Fat Shaming in General Demands to Quit!
Fat Shaming Stars - Our society continues to put a big concentrate on weight and the relevance of a "fit" body.
Annually, a heightened examination continues to be placed on celebrities whose every pound is analyzed and critiqued any time their weight fluctuates.
They're slandered in the tabloids any time their bones are showing, yet bashed when they gain a little pudge on the abdomen. :
Among the most recent celebs who has been criticized for her weight gain is Kim Kardashian. Although Kim Kardashian has always been accepted as a full figured girl, the media has been relentlessly shaming her for gaining 20 pounds during her pregnancy (with Kanye West).
Maybe her reputation is being scrutinized more closely now because of her minute-long union that ended in divorce.
Since with Kris Humphries, many people have assumed she's merely trying to gain more celeb status. Gossip aside, the bottom line is that individuals are being unkind and mocking a pregnant woman for gaining weight.
Fat Shaming Celebs
Like her or not, Kim Kardashian is a pregnant woman and deserves to be handled with some human decency!
Kim Kardashian Pregnant
Fat Shaming CelebrityChristina Aguilera:
Another star who has recently gained weight and made headlines for it's Christina Aguilera. In her teens and early 20's, she was known for having a sleek body that was fit and youthful.
Now, is been talked about severely for appearing heftier with a rounder face on The Voice. The more she is defended herself, the more criticism she's gained.
Finally, another famous celeb whose weight and body image are a hot topic in Hollywood is Melissa McCarthy, who appeared in Bridesmaids.
She seemingly takes it all in stride, saying she frequently eats healthy and exercises, but can not lose the weight.
Melissa McCarthy Fat Shaming
Fat Celeb Shaming
Celebs must cope with public opinions on a daily basis. Many decide to lose the weight to get "better" curiosity. Others keep it on and attempt to ignore the critics.
But what do these three individuals have in common? young nude beach family are all women. Without a doubt, girls receive nearly all criticism as it pertains to look.
But female stars' bodies are certainly treated that way constantly.
It's unfortunate that, as a society, looks are more significant to us than an person's style. As Steinem also remarked, "Criticizing people's bodies devalues both their brains and ours."
It appears as if the more a celeb is disliked for their disposition, the more their weight is assessed. This may make them more of an easy target for intimidation.
All we may do is continue to fight the good fight. We attempt to overrule people's natural tendencies to judge on appearance. But society can be unkind, and some people have this need to put down others so they can feel better about themselves.
Although it is a sad reality and occasionally, totally disgusting, celebs must realize that it comes with the bundle.
Speak out against this type of fat shaming as much as possible.
And do not purchase tabloids. They are only printing what they believe will sell magazines. So only do not use up it!
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